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Star Player Subscription is a service that allows you to take care of the most valuable player on the team: You! When self care gets exhausting, when life is complicated, When it feels like a chore to go to the store, we are here to help you feel like the winner you are without all the shopping around. Simply select your “must have” monthly requirements and we will customize a prize worthy personalized gift box that will automatically ship to you each month. When you put your star player first you will always win!

HOW TO WIN (Again and again)

Step 1


By submitting your personal faves and must haves.

Step 2

Select Payment

As a monthly subscriber the initial form of payment used will be the same form automatically charged each month on the same day.

Step 3

Sit Back and await

Enjoy how great it feels to be a priority, to have your needs met, to receive a gift customized to your personal preferences and catering to you in your time of need.

Choose Your Subscription plan


$26 /month


$22 /month


2021 Special

$20.21 /month

Star Player Subscription boxes will be billed and shipped monthly. It will automatically be charged using the payment method provided now. You may cancel at time.

Cancellation is free however you must cancel before order ship date to avoid the charge.

Help Us Help You

No one knows you better than You! So you choose your box contents, ship date and you can cancel at any time. We want you to live your best life. Star Players should not have to make late night store runs. Allow us to show you how wonderful it is to win without the worry.

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Self Care and wellness are wonderful so share that gift with another star player so you all can win!

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