Terms and Conditions

By checking box you acknowledge you have read and understand the terms and conditions therefore authorizing Star Player Subscription to charge the payment provided on a monthly basis. No returns or refunds are provided. In the event of lost, stolen, damaged or delayed product please contact customer service to resolve the issue. Star Player/subscriber/customer must update any change of address. Star Player Subscription is not responsible for any theft or delays in delivery due to weather or other events that impact shipping. Cancellation is free if it is done before the box ships. Once shipped and charged any cancellation will apply to all future boxes. No refunds will be issued. No returns will be accepted. In the event a payment is declined, no box will be sent. However, if alternate payment is entered ensure that it is the payment desired to be charged monthly. It is the right and responsibility of you, the individual subscribing to Star Player Subscription (also affectionately known as Star Player) to accurately update information that affects your personalized box including but not limited to shipping date, address, products or payment. Help us help you. Put your star player first and you will always win!